International NGO Safety Organisation

Our impact

Meeting global commitments to aid worker safety

Enabling humanitarian response in volatile contexts

Since the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul (2016) the international community has repeatedly identified an urgent need for protection of humanitarian personnel in conflict zones.


INSO provides a coherent, sector-wide response to this need, delivering action-oriented solutions that go beyond saving individual lives to enable humanitarian operations in acutely challenging environments.


Saving lives and improving the safety of aid workers

By providing 24/7 alerts and analysis, we help partners make informed day-to-day movement decisions and avoid imminent risks. If the worst case arises, we support partners crisis management with expertise, contacts, and emergency coordination.

8,520 Flash alerts sent in 2022

INSO is showing us the right way to still offer help to the population, but with less stress and the right information to take decisions.

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Strengthening and facilitating humanitarian access

Through our presence, local contacts, and detailed assessments we help our partners to navigate the access challenges to enter a country, expand to a new province, remain present during a crisis, or to return to an area after they have left.

1,215 Area assessments delivered in 2022

It was very difficult for any agency to get back into the country. So I got in touch with INSO, who organised our crossing including arranging our transport to the border.

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Professionalising security management practices

With a wide range of free trainings, developed and delivered locally, we build skills from the ground up.  Our security policy reviews and timely information help disrupt the ‘shock-reaction cycle’ to support a more professional response.

6,653 Humanitarians trained in 2022

The training takes place in the same location we experience every day. The trainer tries as much as possible to link … to the context we are working.

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Improving interagency coordination

We bring NGOs together to share information, reinforce principles and develop a collective approach to humanitarian safety. We strengthen NGO/UN coordination and provide safe space for the development and implementation of community initiatives.

2,282 Coordination meetings in 2022

Before, INGOs used to work separately and keep things to themselves. But INSO helps organisations feel free to share information.

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Impact Reviews

We commission periodic independent external reviews to assess our impact on the humanitarian community at both the structural and operational levels.