International NGO Safety Organisation

How we work

Real-time support to
humanitarian operations

A road going through the Lapago displacement camp on the outskirts of Bambari, CAR, which hosts more than 2,000 Central Africans that had to flee because of the fighting in January 2021. Credit: C. Di Roma/INSO

Our mission

Helping those who help others

Our mission is the relief and development of people in need anywhere in the world who are victims of conflict, natural disaster, insecurity, or crisis.


We accomplish this by providing safety analysis and advice to the dedicated NGOs who put themselves in harm’s way to support such people and communities.


By helping those who help others, we do our part to ensure that aid reaches people in need.

Field Focused
Evidence Driven
Principles Based
An INSO staff member works in the office in Bangui, CAR. Credit: C. Di Roma/INSO

How we work

Combining local presence with global reach

INSO works by deploying safety experts, analysts, information managers, trainers, and other specialists across high-risk countries.


There we work to understand the context by creating deep local information networks and collecting data to support our range of field services.


We aggregate data at the global level to maintain a central incident database and produce cross contextual analysis to support policy & research.