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Privacy policy

Committed to protecting your personal data

Privacy and security for the best possible experience

The International NGO Safety Organisation (“We”) is committed to protecting the privacy of the information you share with us when you access and use our services.


This policy (together with our terms & conditions, and any other documents referred to in it) describes how we collect, use and share the personally identifiable information you provide to us when you register with us or request from us to receive services.


All of our data and services are securely stored and hosted using Microsoft’s Cloud Services (Azure) inside the European Union. All sensitive data is hash (or encrypted) when necessary. For example, when you set your INSO password.


To request a data “dump” of your personal information or to remove all of your data associated with INSO, please contact

How we collect and use your personal data

We collect personal data through the use of our services in two ways: data you directly provide to us and data generated by your activity using our applications.




Data you directly provide

When using INSO’s website


You can choose to provide us personal data in the context of surveys, registrations, and contact requests. This data enables us to provide the services you have requested. For example:


  • When participating in a survey. You are invited to answer questions about your work and the purpose of visiting our website.
  • When applying for registration as an INSO partner, you are requested to complete a pre-screening questionnaire and fill in a form with your name, email, the organisation you work for and your title.
  • If you wish to contact INSO through the available web form, you are asked to provide your name and email.



When using INSO’s Partner’s Portal


You can choose to provide us personal data in order to recieve INSO’s services; this includes your basic contact information (Your name, email, phone number, job title, etc.). Doing this will allow us to verify your organisation’s presence, share our alerts & reporting with you via your chosen contact method (email, SMS, or mobile app), and help us better understand where we should focus our reporting. Data that are collected in the Partner’s Portal is:


  • When registering your organisation with INSO. You provide your organisation’s country registration certificate and a cover letter to assure us that you are a humanitarian/non-profit entity and accepted by the local governance within the countries you are operating.
  • The physical areas/regions and humanitarian sectors where your organisation works.
  • Your Country (or Global) profile details. For example, the number of staff you have working in your organisation within a particular INSO program.

You may remove your profile and all data at anytime by logging into your account and selecting the “Request Profile Removal”. Doing this will unsubscribe you from INSO’s alerts and reporting.



When using INSO’s Conflict & Humanitarian Data Centre (CHDC)


By using your login credentials in the INSO Partner’s Portal, you can access CHDC, INSO’s incident database. All of this information is read-only and you may search and filter the data how you prefer. Data that is collected in CHDC is:


  • When you make a custom “chart” given a specific filter and display configuration we will store this to your chart “dashboard” for quick access, if you decided to save it.

To remove your details from CHDC, you can remove your profile from the INSO Partner’s Portal. These systems are connected to the same account.



When using INSO’s Learning Portal


Information about your learning experience is stored in our system to ensure a smooth running of the online courses. Data that are recorded in the Learning Portal is:


  • When you make an account, basic contact information (first name, last name, email, etc.) is collected for proper communication between INSO and you.
  • When you do activities and interact with resources we collect this information to better understand which parts of the learning portal to focus on developing in the future.

This information is used to enable you to access the online courses. It is also used so that we can provide educational and administrative support for the site’s online courses. Your personal data is stored for the entire period that you are enrolled in one of the online courses on the site. The data for each course is destroyed 6 months after the closing date of the course and your profile data will be anonymized 12 months after your last login.



When using INSO’s Mobile App


The mobile app is designed to be another way for us to communicate with you and share our reporting and alerts. You can login to the mobile app using your same credentials as the INSO Partner’s Portal. You may then recieve our alerts as “push notifications” in addition to the standard SMS and emails. You may also browse past alerts and setup more detailed filters based on your situation. In addition to the Partner’s Portal the mobile app requires additional data for best functionality:


  • We will use your location to find alerts which occur close to you physically. We may also use your location in the background to continuously make sure accurate alerts are shared with you while in transit, given your “proximity” radius setting. If you prefer to not share your location with us, you may also set a “custom location” in the app; please note that doing this will not automatically update based on your movements and we will not be able to display alert distances from your current location.
  • We store alerts you have “saved” in the app. This is so you can easily find them for later reference.

To remove your details from the mobile app, you can remove your profile from the INSO Partner’s Portal. These systems are connected to the same account. You can then remove the app from your device.

Data generated by your activity

In order to ensure the effective functioning and security of our services and to better understand visitor behavioural patterns, as you browse our sites and applications we automatically recognise, collect and store:


  • Log information such as the pages you visit, the time/date and duration of your visit as well as your internet protocol (IP) address.
  • Device and software information such as the type of browser and operating system (if provided by the browser), the URL of the referring page (if provided by the browser), the page or file requested.
  • Login & Session information, including access datetime and location

This information is collected through the use of various technologies, including cookies which are small text files stored in your browser.

Access and storage

We will use this information: In general, access to your personal data is limited to appropriate staff within INSO. In some circumstances we make your data available outside INSO (or you provide some of your data directly to a third party), such as for:


  • Sending emails to you. For this, we provide only your email address to SendGrid, Inc.
  • Analytics: We use Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, and App Stores to help us understand visitor behaviour by allowing these services access to the data generated by your activity (such as session duration, number of clicks, downloads) and store it using cookies. This data is produced in an anonymous way and does not identify any individual visitors.

We encourage you to review the relevant third-party privacy policies when visiting their websites.


For all data protection inquiries, concerns or comments, please contact our IT Department at

Links to other websites

Where we provide links to websites of other organisations or entities, this privacy policy does not cover how they process personal data. For example, we link to our profiles on a number of social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. We encourage you to read the privacy notices of any other websites you visit.

Read INSO’s privacy policy available as a PDF document here