International NGO Safety Organisation


A public
benefit institution

Discover below our latest financial statements, reports, ANBI data form and Policy Plan 2021-2023.


The Foundation International NGO Safety Organisation was formed by notarial deed January 17 2019 in the Hague. The foundation is registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number KvK No. 73728489.


RSIN: 859642847

VAT: NL859642847B01


The address of the foundation is Grote Marktstraat 43-C, 2511 BH, Den Haag, The Netherlands. To arrange a meeting please email



Article 2 of the deed of incorporation describes the object of the foundation as follows:


  1. the relief and development of people in need anywhere in the world who are the victims of conflict, natural disaster, insecurity or crisis;
  2. the welfare and safety of people involved in the provision of humanitarian and development aid anywhere in the world.

The foundation seeks to achieve these goals by:


  1. providing dedicated safety & security services to organisations working to achieve them;
  2. promoting and facilitating a wider understanding of conflict and its impact on humanitarian and development safety;
  3. performing everything (directly or indirectly) related or conducive to the above, all in the broadest sense.

Current Policy Plan (to 2021)

The current policy covers those activities which support NGOs in the safe delivery of aid and facilitates a wider understanding of conflict and safety issues.


In practice, this includes:


  1. Establishing and operating field level support platforms to provide dedicated services to NGOs in high risks contexts including alerts, reports, briefings, training and crisis assistance;
  2. Providing report, data and information services that raise awareness of conflict and its impact on aid delivery.

Board Members and Composition

Article 5 of the deed of incorporation requires that there be no less than three (3) Board Members. Serving Board members at this time are:


Sonia DiMezza – Secretary


Foluke Mogaji – Treasurer


Nicolas Lee – Member

Remuneration Policy

The Board of Directors (Board Members) will not receive any remuneration for the performance of their Board-related duties. They will however be entitled to reimbursement of the costs made by them in the performance of their duties and non-excessive attendance fees according to the guidelines established by the Foundation.