International NGO Safety Organisation

What we do

Helping NGOs to stay and deliver

We provide free safety and security services to NGOs working for the benefit of the world’s most vulnerable people.

We support NGOs at every level of their work but with one overarching goal: to help them stay and deliver aid to people in need.


Here you can read about the safety and security products and services we provide to our registered partners, ranging from alerts, data and analysis through to training and emergency support.


An INSO team member in Hargeisa analyses data from CHDC. Credit: H. Abdiraman/INSO

Standardised incident data

Our Conflict & Humanitarian Data Centre (CHDC) provides a reliable centralised record of security incidents, including those affecting NGOs, to help identify trends on the ground and inform both operational and policy responses.

Operational Alerts

Timely information is key to survival. We provide NGOs with 24/7 incident alerts to inform their operations minute by minute.

Analysis & Advice

We provide advanced, evidence-based analysis that helps NGOs anticipate, understand and prepare for the most likely scenarios.

An INSO staff member reviews a report in Goma, DRC. Credit: O. Acland/INSO


There is safety in numbers. We bring NGOs together to collaborate and share information for their collective benefit.

An INSO staff member facilitates a coordination meeting in Goma, DRC. Credit: O. Acland/INSO

Maps & Visualisation

To help visualize conflict, we provide a range of detailed and updated maps, charts and dashboards.

An INSO staff member uses CHDC in Mali. Credit: A. Risemberg/INSO

Training & Orientation

With courses from HEIST and Humanitarian Negotiations, to Essential and Advanced NGO Security Management courses, we prepare NGO staff to manage both their personal and organisational security.

Crisis Management

Everyone needs help in a crisis. Our expert staff are on hand to support NGOs through attacks, abductions and other emergencies.

Emergency Coordination

Coordination really does save lives. INSO works with NGOs, the UN and other stakeholders to develop effective community wide emergency management systems.

INSO staff members in Bangui, CAR discuss incidents using a map. Credit: C. Di Roma/INSO

Policy & Site Reviews

Prevention is better than cure. We provide an independent review of NGOs’ security policies and site security plans to identify risks before they arise.

INSO staff members discuss the context with local community members. Credit: C. Di Roma/INSO