International NGO Safety Organisation



Function: Deputy Director
Location: Nigeria
Nationality: French

Samuel, Deputy Director in Nigeria, says that the most significant thing he can do is to strengthen his team and make their efficiency sustainable.

How would you explain what you do as Deputy Director to a stranger?

A wide range of responsibilities characterises the role of Deputy Director, which is what makes this job so exciting. The Deputy Director is responsible for the quality of the services provided to our partners. To do this, we must build an efficient team and implement robust processes. I find this part of the job the most interesting.

As an expatriate, I know that I am a foreigner who is not supposed to stay in a country for a long time. So the most significant thing I can do is to strengthen my team and make our efficiency sustainable. Working with INSO in three different contexts has enabled me to capitalise on best practices.

How did you come to join INSO?

It all started in Cameroon ten years ago, when I was programme coordinator for an international NGO. We were facing security issues near the Eastern border, and I became very interested in context monitoring. Working in the Central Africa Republic over the next few years confirmed my interest in context analysis and risk management, and it was there that I discovered the incredible work being done by INSO. I joined INSO in 2016 in Mali, then moved on to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) followed by Nigeria, where I have been since July 2023.

What has surprised you most about INSO?

How unique INSO is as a platform – its an NGO specialised in context analysis and dealing with security management, a field traditionally reserved for official security actors such as military forces and authorities. Currently, INSO supports NGOs in 16 countries and is currently opening offices in new countries, at the request of NGOs. In 12 years, INSO has opened in at least one new country every year on average. This reflects the needs of our partners and the significance of our work.

What are the top skills that someone needs to be a Deputy Director?

Personal organisation is crucial to managing the constant flow of information and ensuring you don’t miss something important. Human resources management is a big part of the job, so the Deputy Director needs to have substantial experience managing multicultural teams.

It also goes without saying that our work is intimately linked to the context. Being curious and naturally interested in all the aspects of our context helps a lot.

What would you say to someone who wants to join INSO?

Security management and context analysis are at the heart of our work, but I would like to stress that we are first and foremost NGO workers who respect humanitarian principles. Helping NGOs face many challenges in conflict contexts should be the primary motivation for working for INSO. Different career paths may lead to working for INSO, but the goal of every INSO staff member remains the same: to promote humanitarian access. And if you want more information about our jobs, you can always reach out to us!

Complete this sentence: “When I’m not working, you’ll find me…”

Walking, running, hiking, or roaming in forests or mountains! Sport and nature are my best friends for relaxing and disconnecting. I really enjoy my job, but I am aware that I need to find a balance if I am to be happy in both my personal and professional life.