International NGO Safety Organisation



Function: Training Assistant
Location: Niger
Nationality: Nigérien

Playing out scenarios during training and hearing how participants will apply what they’ve learnt to their work is what Rebecca enjoys most about being a Training Assistant with INSO in Niger.

What do you enjoy most about your role as INSO Training Assistant?

My role within INSO revolves around training logistics, communication with participants and the assistance of trainers during the sessions. I really enjoy meeting and communicating with participants from partner NGOs. Moreover, during these very interactive trainings, trainers need my help for simulations and scenarios. Training at INSO is also a lot of fun for the training team. We play several roles in our Humanitarian Negotiations and Crisis Management courses —I love playing dramatic roles!

The role of the training assistant is unique because the training assistant is the first member of the training team to communicate with the participants. We are responsible for kindly explaining the practical details of the training.

Why do you think INSO’s training is so important?

The INSO training service has a huge impact on partners. At the end of training courses such as Induction to Safety and Security, participants know the techniques they can use with actors in their areas of intervention. Some would have liked to have had these trainings instead because they were faced with situations similar to those covered in the training. They assure us that they will adopt and apply the advice we give them. Most also say they will return and recommend INSO’s training to their colleagues.

What is your professional background?

After getting a scientific baccalaureate, I successfully graduated in telecommunications engineering. My first experience was in a startup in Senegal. As a training officer, I was focused on the selection of participants and the deployment of the Internet of Things (IOT) which at that time was not well known. I needed to establish communication strategies about the importance of the IOT and encourage students, in particular, to register for our training courses.

When I returned to Niger, I came across the INSO Training Assistant job and understood immediately its crucial role in humanitarian work. So I decided to apply.

What does a day in the life of an INSO Training Assistant in Niger look like?

Every day at INSO is quite unique. I try to arrive around 7:40 am and have breakfast in the company of my lovely colleagues – it takes energy to attack the working day!

I work on training logistics, communicating with partners, and managing our participant database for the rest of the day. When we have a training the following morning, I will be calling all the partners who will participate in the training, making sure that all the logistics for the training are in place in collaboration with our Logistics assistant (of course with some fun and laughter in between the work!), and prepare the scenarios.

Who or what inspires you every day in your work?

My sister Marielle inspires me in my daily work. She encouraged me a lot in developing my career. I know she would be proud to see me growing at INSO.