INSO announces a major new data and analysis platform
The International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) is delighted to announce the launch of the Conflict & Humanitarian Data Centre initiative (CHDC).

The CHDC will be a secure, cloud-based database containing all security incidents recorded across our network of field platforms.

It will provide a reliable new evidence base for humanitarian operations while supporting a wider global awareness on the issue of NGO safety.  

We have spent the last five years building individual country level databases that are unparalleled in their quality, quantity and consistency” says Jan Rapp, INSO Data Manager who is leading development “The CHDC will integrate these at the global level and combine them with advanced technologies in data-analysis and visualisation.”

Logging in through a secure interface, registered NGO users will be able to conduct detailed queries on all INSO recorded conflict incidents – like bombings, clashes, airstrikes etc – as well as review those incidents affecting NGOs specifically.  

A unique highly differentiated coding system allows incident data to be organised across a wide spectrum of variables, while integrated visualisation & GIS tools will allow the results to be automatically exported in to customised maps, graphics or reports.

With more than a million initial entries - and up to 4,000 geo-tagged incidents added weekly from our field sites - the Centre promises to become one of the largest global repositories of its type and will support long range, cross-contextual research as well as more immediate tactical analysis.

Co-funded by the UK's Department for International Development, a spokesperson said: “DFID is proud to support initiatives that mitigate the alarming rise in violence against humanitarian aid workers, including INSO and its Conflict & Humanitarian Data Centre. The Centre will provide NGOs operating in the world’s most difficult contexts with the data and analysis they need to safely access vulnerable populations in need.”

The advanced design of the CHDC, which allows information to be securely compartmentalised depending on the user, will also allow us to provide some level of access to researchers, academics and the general public. This will help promote a wider awareness of the problem of violence against humanitarians and contribute positively to research and policy-making on the subject.

The standardisation of data at a country level (Phase 1) and the creation of a secure partner registration system (Phase 2) have been completed in 2016, while the construction of the database itself (Phase 3) will occur throughout 2017. The Centre is expected to be ready for beta testing by the end of March 2018.

We expect the CHDC to revolutionise our partners ability to understand and analyse the conflicts they work in” said INSO Executive Director Nic LeeIt signals the start of the next generation of global resources.”

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