International NGO Safety Organisation

An international

NGO dedicated to

humanitarian safety.

We provide support to NGOs operating in insecure and conflict affected countries.

Founded on humanitarian principles, our mission is simple: to save lives.

NGOs work in dangerous environments and while we cannot stop the violence, we can provide them with the support they need to deliver aid safely.

Our impact

  • Countries we work in

  • NGOs we serve

  • INSO staff in the field

INSO's NGO data dashboard

NGO dashboard

Track incidents affecting the NGO community

The NGO Dashboard provides consolidated data on security incidents affecting NGOs to identify trends, support response, and inform policy.

Open the NGO dashboard

CREDIT ICRC: Mogadishu, Hodan district. Civilians prepare to carry dead bodies of unidentified persons after an explosion.

Conflict dashboard

Monitor key conflict trends in real-time

The Conflict Dashboard provides key conflict metrics to support near to real-time situational awareness and remote monitoring.

Explore the conflict dashboard

An INSO staff member uses a walkie talkie in Bangui, CAR. Credit: C. Di Roma/INSO


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