INSO Strengthens Support to Meet Growing Challenges in the Sahel
30 March 2021
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Discussion: Monitoring the Protection, Safety and Security of Humanitarian and Medical Workers in Armed Conflicts
22 March 2021
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A Decade of Conflict: Risks Persist For NGOs in Syria
15 March 2021
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INSO Launches New Online Learning Platform
04 February 2021
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Despite Coronavirus restrictions, 2020 saw only a marginal reduction in incidents impacting NGOs, reports INSO
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INSO in 2020
22 December 2020
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As Crisis Deepens in Burkina Faso, INSO Receives First Funding from Sida
20 October 2020
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World Humanitarian Day 2020
19 August 2020
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World Humanitarian Day 2019
19 August 2019
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INSO to open in South Sudan
03 January 2018
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INSO announces a major new data and analysis platform
19 June 2017
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World Humanitarian Day 2017
19 August 2017
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INSO gets a governance upgrade
08 August 2017
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INSO lifts embargo on DRC report
25 October 2017
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World Humanitarian Day 2018
19 August 2018
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Request for Quotation For Security Management Trainings
23 December 2018
INSO LCB has launched a Request for Quotations for Security Management Training in support of NGO's operating in Came... Read more
Death of INSO staff in Nigeria
22 April 2019
It is with great sadness that we confirm the death of our friend and colleague, Matthew Oguche in Friday’s attack ... Read more
INSO moves to Netherlands
10 April 2019
We are delighted to announce that as of 10th April 2019, we have moved our legal headquarters from London to The Hague.W... Read more
Research Consultant, INSO Strategic Review 2019
17 December 2018
In 2017, UNOCHA reported that INSO safety coordination platforms had become ‘standard features of the humanitarian res... Read more
"Major progress" in NGO safety: UN Report
22 June 2017
The International NGO Safety Organisation has been cited as a “notable example” of the professionalisation of humani... Read more
Germany supports humanitarian safety
28 May 2017
Germany has awarded INSO a major new grant to support humanitarian safety in multiple crisis affect countries.The projec... Read more
Supporting humanitarian access in Cameroon
10 May 2017
At the request of NGOs and humanitarian donors operating in the Far North province, INSO will establish a new field offi... Read more
Launch: Key Data Dashboard
19 Aug 2016
This World Humanitarian Day we are proud to introduce the world's first Key Data Dashboard, which is now acce... Read more
Members Survey & Review
26 July 2016
We are delighted to release the summary of a recent Members Survey & Review.The review took in the views of som... Read more
The Accountable Humanitarian Professional
28 April 2016
We are pleased to present our new Statement of Organisational Principles that will replace the Mandate section of our cu... Read more
INSO completes major data mapping project
07 March 2016
Following months of intensive background work, INSO has succeeded in introducing standardised geo-referencing data to al... Read more
3rd Annual Directors Conference
01 February 2016
27-28 January 2016: The Directors of INSO platforms from CAR, DRC, Mali, Kenya, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Palestine... Read more
INSO to expand Syria response
30 December 2015
As a result of extensive engagement with NGOs and donors, INSO will be expanding its Syria response to include a full re... Read more
Green light for INSO Nigeria
12 November 2015
Following a detailed scoping mission (Abuja, 6-18 October) which met with a variety of NGOs, donors, UN and other stakeh... Read more
New partnership figures released
23 October 2015
Following the October review of our global registration data, INSO now counts 625 separate NGO partners worldwide.Approx... Read more
INSO DRC Director part of expert panel on neutrality
29 September 2015
As part of the ongoing PHAP discussion series on humanitarian law and policy leading up to the World Humanitarian Summit... Read more
New Trustee appointment
20 September 2015
INSO is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Mario Stephan to our Board of Trustees.A seasoned humanitarian, Mario... Read more
NGO safety in Gaza
09 September 2015
At the request of the humanitarian community, responsibility for operating the NGO safety platform in Gaza will transiti... Read more
Nigeria: INSO to conduct scoping mission
10 August 2015
Following a Letter of Invitation from nine NGOs (31/07/15), the INSO SMT met today to approve a scoping mission to Niger... Read more
INSO Website relaunch
29 June 2015
INSO is pleased to announce the launch of our redesigned website, which went live today.Along with a more contemporary l... Read more
INSO Ukraine coming soon
10 June 2015
Following a scoping mission in March, the INSO Executive Group has approved the establishment of an INSO programme in Uk... Read more
INSO to open Middle East hub
08 June 2015
Today INSO has been approved by the Government of the United Arab Emirates to establish an Operational Support Office (O... Read more
World Alert 2.0
01 June 2015
From the 1st of June 2015, our World Alert service will be upgraded so that you will receive just one email per day cont... Read more
2nd Annual Directors Conference
20 May 2015
From the 20 - 21 May 2015,  INSO staff are convening in Dubai, UAE for the second Annual Directors conference.The m... Read more
NSP Somalia joins INSO
1 April 2015
As of 1 April 2015, the NGO Safety Program (NSP) in Somalia has been transferred from the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) t... Read more
Assessment mission to Tindouf, Algeria
20 March 2015
At the request of NGO partners on the ground, throughout March INSO will conduct a Scoping & Assessment Mission to t... Read more
27 February 2015
INSO is delighted to have been awarded the ECHO Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) today, making us eligible for dire... Read more
Dutch to support INSO HQ
01 February 2015
The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINBUZA) has today agreed to support INSO with a 3-year grant entitled 'Bui... Read more


Explore our interactive dashboard to track key NGO safety indicators across all countries monitored by INSO. Updated monthly, by the 10th. Current figures cover 01/January/2016 - 31/March/2021.



“For our partners, INSO is a very valuable complement to any security strategy and network they have. Often NGO security officers are focused on the organisation’s programmes not necessarily factoring in all the external influences. It's a way to confirm their information, to cross check, to identify things that may not have been seen otherwise.  It's always good to have this external perspective. There are only advantages.”

- Luc Verna - Technical Assistant, European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (Afghanistan)

“One of the things that INSO builds its name on is that they verify the facts. It’s reassuring that we're not just reacting to rumours. They have solid sources of verification.”

- Kate Moger - Country Director - International Rescue Committee (Mali)

“The quality of INSO services and the relevance of the information, analysis and warnings are excellent and have become an integral part of our security framework in the DRC. While any one NGO may have good access to information within their operational area, it cannot compare to the much wider access and knowledge of the NGO community, and INSO makes access to that information possible. 

- Cheik Ba – Country Director – Norwegian Refugee Council (DRC)

“We work in hard to reach communities where security is not always good - I think right now in Kenya there is no place where you can say it is 100% safe. So what INSO does actually helps our work in that they are able to bring up issues or even a forecast of what could happen and then we are able to make decisions based on that information.”

Dr Lennie Bazira Kyomuhangi –  Country Director - Amref Health Africa (Kenya)

“Not all agencies have security people or if they do, not all of them are able to analyse data and trends, this requires specific people and time; it's a full time job. So what INSO is doing through data collection and analysis - is extremely beneficial and it saves a lot of funds for both NGOs and donors.”

- Ekin Ogutogullari - Country Director - International Medical Corps (Kenya)

“Fundamentally, situational awareness is at the heart of good programming. For us INSO is absolutely essential in terms of informed decision-making, you can't operate without it.  Each NGO ultimately has to determine its own risk level, its own programming modalities, how it operates on the ground but this has to be founded on very solid advice. The quality of INSO’s reporting and analysis is of an extraordinarily high order.”

 - Aidan O'Leary - Head of Office - UNOCHA (Afghanistan)

"Given that humanitarian access became an integral part of any NGO programming in Afghanistan, INSO's updated and contextualised analysis on local acceptance - enriched by the engagement strategies of the various NGOs which are shared in INSO's forums - regularly informs the acceptance approaches both nationally but also locally where NGOs operate."

- Kyriakos Giaglis - Country Director - Danish Refugee Council (Afghanistan)