This page provides basic information on registering for services with an INSO country office.

Detailed instructions, and all relevant forms and documents, will be provided to eligible applicants upon receipt of your request.

Registration is only​ available to humanitarian organisations - not individual aid workers - and must be applied for by the most senior representative available such as Regional or Country Director.

For registration to INSO World Alert please see the World Alert page.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for INSO services anywhere in the world an organisation must meet all of the following criteria:
(Evidence will be requested)
  1. Be exclusively* constituted as an NGO/Non-Profit in the original country of establishment (home country).
  2. Be legally registered, or in process of registering, as an NGO with the Host Government of the country for which you are applying
  3. Agree to abide by the INSO Code of Conduct for members
  4. Be actively operating, or planning to be operating, in the country for which you are applying

Application Process

If you are sure you fulfill all of the Eligibility Criteria then please contact the Registration Officer of the relevant country office to request registration. You will be required to submit:

  1. A cover letter signed by a senior staff member (CD or Regional)
  2. A copy of your local (country level) registration certificate
Occasionally we may request additional information that will help us to confirm the status of your organisation such as annual reports or audited financial statements.

See INSO Vetting Tiers for more details


Please click on the INSO country office you would like to register with and send an email requesting a registration pack:


Burkina Faso

Central Africa Republic (CAR)

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)



Lake Chad Basin




South Sudan



*Non-profits closely linked to ineligible entities, such as for-profits or political parties, are ineligible for INSO services. INSO reserves the right to decline registration to any applicant, including non-profits, who INSO considers to pose an undue risk to its charitable assets or reputation.  
*Important Notice*

INSO uses the terms partner, member, beneficiary and subscriber interchangeably when describing NGOs who have registered to use its services. The use of the word 'partner' in this context does not imply any legal partnership relationship between INSO and the NGO, or that the NGO is an organisation INSO works with to deliver its services  - for example as an Implementing/Delivery Partner or Sub-Grantee - nor does use of this term confer any responsibility on to INSO to conduct the kind of detailed due diligence measures that funders and regulators expect charities to conduct on potential Implementing/Delivery Partners and Sub-Grantees. Rather, when used in this context, the term 'partner' is used as a narrative device to reinforce the collective responsibility towards community safety.

INSO will continue to conduct due diligence measures and oversight on any entities that are engaged as Implementing/Delivery Partners, Sub-Grantees or Contracted Service Providers.