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An inclusive community of humanitarian practice

Since 2011, we have earned the trust and respect of the humanitarian community through our commitments to principle, presence, and performance.


Today we stand as the largest and most inclusive NGO safety body in the world, levelling the playing field with equal access for both international and national NGOs.


Total NGOs supported

Total NGO staff supported*

New NGOs registered this quarter

Total local and international NGOs

Comprising many major international agencies alongside hundreds of national and local organisations, our network ensures equal access for all and helps to enable localisation. 

Local NGOs

International NGOs

NGOs by country of operation

With more than 95% of all NGO incidents occurring in just a handful of countries, we have built our network to support partners where they need us most. 

Staff of NGO partners

National staff form the majority of any NGOs’ workforce and comprise more than 90% of all victims of attacks each year.

Partner’s national staff

Partner’s international staff

NGOs by program cluster

With partners operating across all clusters, we provide systemic support across the entire humanitarian-development-peace nexus. 

* Total NGO staff is based on self-reported personnel numbers from INSO’s partner organisations.