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Performance Evaluation Consultant – Somalia

Deadline: 30 June 2024
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1.     Evaluation Purpose

The International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) is conducting a performance evaluation of its Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) funded project in Somalia.


The findings from the evaluation will be used to:

  • Assess the degree to which INSO has achieved its intended objectives.
  • Evaluate the provision of INSO services to NGO safety, considering intended and unintended outcomes.
  • Demonstrate accountability for funding received from BHA.
  • Collect lessons learned on what has worked and why, including best practice, strengths, and challenges in delivering INSO services.
  • Support the appropriate adaptation of INSO services.
  • Share lessons and recommendations from the project.


INSO will complete the evaluation objectives through a satisfaction survey, review of performance against objectives and, interviews with project beneficiaries (NGOs). An external evaluator/consultant is required to complete interviews with INSO service users in Somalia. The scope of interviews is to be determined by the evaluator/consultant.


2.     Background

2.1. Project Information

Activity Name: Performance Evaluation of INSO in Somalia

Implementer: Stichting International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO)

Award Number: 720BHA23GR00308

Period of Performance: August 1, 2023 – July 31, 2024

Table 1: Award Information


2.2. About INSO

Founded in 2011, INSO is an independent, international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) headquartered in The Hague, dedicated to humanitarian safety. INSO works in the world’s most volatile countries to ensure that humanitarians can operate safety and deliver their services. INSO serves as the safety coordination and advisory body to the NGO community and provides daily support to registered INSO organisations working in high-risk contexts.

Alongside the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), the UNDSS, and the various local and international NGO fora, INSO serve as an important pillar of the humanitarian coordination architecture.

INSO operates on the humanitarian principles of impartiality, neutrality, independence, and humanity and are a signatory to the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief (1994).

INSO has been operating in Somalia since 2015, evolving from the NGO Safety Project (NSP) and currently works with 161 partners.


2.3. Project Background

The main purpose of the action is to assist humanitarian and non-profit organizations in fulfilling their mandates through the provision of essential security coordination and information services that help to understand the operating environment and reduce the risks confronting their staff and operations. INSO is an international NGO dedicated exclusively to the management of NGO field safety platforms.


3.     Methodology

3.1. Evaluation Questions

The questions proposed for the evaluation are related to OECD-DAC criteria.

  • Relevance: were INSO services relevant to the needs of NGOs in Somalia? Were the needs of Local NGOs (LNGOs) and International NGOs (INGOs) met?
  • Coherence: were INSO services logical and consistent with the needs of NGOs in Somalia?
  • Effectiveness: did the project achieve its initial objectives? Were there any unintended consequences to the project?
  • Efficiency: were resources well used?
  • Impact: what difference did the project make to humanitarian access in Somalia?
  • Connectedness: did INSO services support wider and longer-term goals in Somalia?


3.2. Evaluation Methodology

The evaluator/consultant will be required to conduct an initial desk review of existing data collected during the life of the award.

The desk review will be used to design the scope of the data collection with a specific focus on key informant interviews (KIIs) and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with relevant stakeholders.

The sampling methodology should be selected by the chosen evaluator/consultant and the availability of the NGOs.


4.     Deliverables and Schedule


Deliverables Schedule
Proposal: All required proposal documents. 30 June 2024
Inception Period: Final Inception Report. 15th August 2024

Final Report:

Final report including case studies. 10th of October 2024

Table 2: Evaluation Timeline and Deliverables.


The successful consultant/evaluator will be expected to obtain any necessary research ethics clearance required.


5.     Skills and Qualifications

The successful applicant will be expected to have:

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in humanitarian and development interventions in conducting evaluations for international humanitarian organisations and donor agencies
  • Experience of completing evaluations in Somalia.
  • Familiarity with NGO safety and security in Somalia.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively lead qualitative data collection processes (KIIs, FGDs).


6.     Application

Interested Individuals, organizations, or research/consultancy firms, with the experience and skills descried in the ToR should submit an Expression of Interest which must include:

  • A cover letter of no more than two pages introducing the evaluator/organisation and how the skills and competencies described above are met, with concrete examples.
  • Brief Technical Proposal including an interpretation of the objectives of the consultancy, methodology, and work plan. Organisation/individual capacity statement, experience and activities related to evaluation, CVs of the consulting team/individuals and their roles for the achievement of the assignment.
  • A one-page financial document covering all major anticipated costs including relevant day rates.
  • Two samples of previous evaluation reports for evaluations conducted in safety and security, NGO coordination or similar fields.


Complete Documents must be submitted to no later than 30 June 2024.

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