International NGO Safety Organisation



Function: Operations Manager
Location: Niger
Nationality: Lebanese

Mariane is part of the INSO team in Niger and is responsible for the smooth running of this country platform in her multi-faceted role as Operations Manager.  

What does a day in the life of an Operations Manager with INSO look like?

A day in the life of an Operations Manager with INSO is fast-paced. I get to organize my own work and manage many things that come unplanned! It is an exciting challenge every day shifting between managing HR, administration, logistics, fleet, security, field missions, meetings, tight deadlines and last-minute requests. It requires a lot of strategic and critical thinking, time management, communication and collaboration with the other support departments and programs. The job might seem a lot, and it can be, but all it takes is motivation and passion to make it a great adventure!

This is your first role with INSO. What makes working with this organisation so unique?

I’ve never worked in the field of security and analysis for humanitarians, so it’s exciting to be involved in this field of work!

People working for INSO come from a great variety of backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities, and this diversity is what makes working here motivating. We get to exchange ideas, have discussions and different opinions and, in the end, agree on what is best for the common goal.

Compared to other NGOs, INSO is relatively new and it’s growing so fast, which makes it exciting to work here and be part of everything that is being done. I personally feel I am contributing to building something great.

Your career path hasn’t always been in operations, right? What was your journey to this role?

It is safe to say that my career path does not really match my initial education in Translation and Linguistics! My passion for humanitarian work and the fields of HR and administration came to life when I was approached by Humanity and Inclusion (HI) to work for their Beirut office in the HR/Administration department while I was still in my last year of university. This opportunity led me to pursue professional training in these fields.

I have also had experience in the private sector, as well as around 10 years of management and administration experience with international NGOs. I’ve worked in Beirut and the Middle East and North Africa, Niger, Burkina Faso, and the Central African Republic (CAR).

I was in CAR when I applied for this role. CAR was a tough context and I wanted to move on. When I read the job posting online, I said to myself, ‘Operations is something I would like to expand to in my next career move, what if I try my luck with INSO?’. And here I am now – back in Niger, one of my favourite countries in the Sahel region, with an awesome team and mission!

Do you have a favourite or most memorable moment with INSO so far?

I do not have a specific one, therefore I’ll mention many: solving a problem or creating a solution internally or externally, creative thinking, outside-the-box solutions, and personal satisfaction. Also, the interaction between colleagues: it can get super busy, but together we are able to achieve great results efficiently. One other important aspect is when I get to see my colleagues gain confidence and leadership skills, and become more effective in their roles.