International NGO Safety Organisation



Function: Training Manager
Location: Ukraine
Nationality: Ukrainian

Anna, Training Manager with INSO’s recently scaled-up platform in Ukraine, brings a unique background to her role helping humanitarians learn the tools they need to keep safe.

What was your journey to this role as Training Manager with INSO?

This path formed itself. I have worked as a psychologist and as a mediator, authored books on the psychology of communication, and run training programs on negotiation, conflict management, and personal effectiveness.

When the war broke out in Ukraine in February, I switched completely to volunteer work. I gathered about 30 of my colleagues, psychologists and psychotherapists, and organised an online platform of for crisis psychological help for people affected by war called the Psychological Support Service for Ukrainians.

While organising this platform, I paid a lot of attention to other humanitarian projects. That’s when I saw the vacancy for a Training Manager at INSO. I thought it was the perfect job for me where I could combine many of my useful skills and experience.

What does a day in the life in your current role with INSO look like?

It’s impossible to describe one day as typical, every day is new and different from the previous one.

I communicate with partners, hold training sessions, and work with the team on content and training materials, plans and strategies for development and ideas for new programmes. But my favourite part of the job is the brainstorming sessions with our training officers when we prepare for trainings together.

When you are not working, what do you like to do?

I go to techno parties, embroider, walk the dog, read or play ‘crystals’ on my phone!

What makes working as a Training Manager with INSO unique?

I can answer this question with the words from my cover letter when I applied! It’s cool when you can get a job. But it’s even cooler when you can find your mission in a job. At INSO, that’s possible, and that’s what makes this job unique.

I haven’t worked for INSO before. But already I have engaged with a large number of INSO partners and have met many people who INSO is helping. I’m very glad that I have the opportunity, working in an international organisation, to benefit humanitarians working in my country.