"Major progress" in NGO safety: UN Report
The International NGO Safety Organisation has been cited as a “notable example” of the professionalisation of humanitarian security in a major new UN report: Presence & Proximity, To Stay and Deliver 5 Years On (Jackson & Zyck, 2017, p.25).
The independent report commissioned by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and the Jindal School of International Affairs (JSIA) is intended as a follow up to the landmark study To Stay and Deliver: Good Practice for Humanitarians in Complex Environments (2011), also commissioned by UNOCHA.

The new report takes a broad and inclusive look at the global humanitarian system, reviewing progress against 24 original recommendations, with the aiming of assessing what has changed five years on.

It finds that only one area – NGO safety coordination in the field - has seen “major progress” particularly with regards to expansion of security platforms. (Ibid, p.80, #23)

Crediting INSO with the “striking growth” in field level platforms, the report goes on to say that such platforms “have improved contextual understanding and increased the evidence and analysis available to decision-makers at field level”(Ibid, p.40)

While noting that such platforms were relatively nascent at the time INSO was founded (2011), it concludes that they have now become “standard features of the humanitarian response in volatile contexts.” (Ibid, p.40)

We have always believed that safety cooperation should be the rule and not the exception
” said INSO founder and Executive Director Nic LeeIt is encouraging to see that this is becoming the reality and we are delighted for any role we may have played in facilitating that."

Since 2011, INSO has established a global network of safety platforms providing daily support to more than 890 national and international NGOs in 12 high risk conflict zones and has recently announced a major new global data and analysis platform.



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