Members Survey & Review

We are delighted to release the summary of a recent Members Survey & Review.

The review took in the views of some 270 NGOs, 14 donors and 11 UN bodies/NGO forums across 16 different countries making it a highly representative sample of our impact to date.

The results were great with major headlines including:

>85% ranked INSO overall service as Excellent/Good

>75% ranked INSO Excellent/Good at improving NGO safety & practice

>75% used INSO services to inform daily operations

>75% believe INSO commitment to humanitarian principles is Very Strong/Strong

We were also rated vey highly in areas of staff knowledge, impact on humanitarian access and in stimulating changes in practice.

 We really appreciate this positive feedback” said INSO Executive Director Nic Lee in responding to the report “but we will not take it for granted and will continually seek new ways to support NGOs at all levels. 

The review found that INSO had 'substantially improved' on the models of safety coordination that preceded it and had been a 'pioneer' across a range of areas from data collection, access strategies and information coordination.  

INSO provides 'on-the-ground' safety support services to more than 840 NGO's globally. 




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