INSO completes major data mapping project

Following months of intensive background work, INSO has succeeded in introducing standardised geo-referencing data to all of our incident databases and in linking them up to industry standard GIS/mapping software.

This is huge step forward” said INSO GIS and Data Manager Jan Rapp who oversees the initiative “and has substantially improved the variety, quality and timeliness of mapping products that we can provide to our partners

INSO has already applied the new capacity to introduce high-value field maps across all platforms - including conflict intensity (heat), actor & area of influence maps, and highly detailed NGO incident mapping - that help our partners with situational awareness and operational risk management.  

These have proven particularly useful in complex contexts like Iraq and Syria where visualisation of the rapidly changing conflict provides significant advantages over traditional narrative or statistical reporting.  

Where possible, geo-references have been coordinated with those in use by the UN system to facilitate a comprehensive overview of humanitarian crises.

With a new project underway in Nigeria, INSO now monitors conflict in eleven of the highest risk countries and releases more than 2,500 verified incident reports per week worldwide to its +650 registered NGO partners.

The country level mapping project is a first step towards establishing an advanced humanitarian safety portal.




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