Supporting humanitarian access in Cameroon
At the request of NGOs and humanitarian donors operating in the Far North province, INSO will establish a new field office in Cameroon.

The team will be based out of Maroura and be fully integrated with INSO Nigeria - established last year - to facilitate extensive cross-border and regional analysis products for NGO partners. 
"This is an increasingly regional crisis" said INSO Nigeria Director Vincent Vial who is leading the establishment of the platform "and one with a profound humanitarian impact across the entire Lake Chad Basin."
With up to 1.6m people in need of humanitarian assistance (ACAPS, 2017) and ongoing violence from Organised Armed Groups - including Boko Haram - the Far North province has become the second most crises-affected regional area after Borneo state in Nigeria.

With preparatory work underway, the platform is expected to launch in early July 2017. 

NGO's seeking to register with INSO Cameroon are invited to contact the Nigeria office.



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