NGO safety in Gaza
At the request of the humanitarian community, responsibility for operating the NGO safety platform in Gaza will transition from CARE International to INSO on 1st October 2015.

The transition is intended to further develop the platform in accordance with INSO’s global standards for the sector. Speaking about the transition, INSO Executive Director Nic Lee said:

“CARE have provided invaluable and selfless service to the NGO community in hosting the GANSO project over the years and they deserve our deepest thanks. We hope to build on the foundation they have established as we seek to improve services for both Palestinian and International NGOs”

An extension to the current funding cycle has been secured up until the end of 2015 (SDC/INSO) during which time INSO will conduct widespread consultation and reorganisation in line with new objectives. It is currently anticipated that INSO will focus on improving platform performance in the key areas of: (i) training and capacity building, particularly for Palestinian NGOs, (ii) operational coordination and liaison with third parties and (iii) improved analytical reporting and data use.

Existing services will remain in place up until December 31st 2015 after which the GANSO platform will be discontinued and replaced with INSO Palestine. Beneficiary re-registration will occur prior to that date and will be available to registered NGOs only.

If you would like to know more about this transition or would like to have your input on the required priorities and services, then please contact the dedicated information line on:




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