Green light for INSO Nigeria
Following a detailed scoping mission (Abuja, 6-18 October) which met with a variety of NGOs, donors, UN and other stakeholders, the INSO Senior Management Team (SMT) has given a green light for establishment of INSO Nigeria early in 2016.

"We identified a strong need in terms of security co-ordination and large gaps in information management" said Emmanuel Rinck, the INSO Section Director who undertook the scoping mission "We believe an INSO platform can certainly have a strong added value in terms of safety and access for the humanitarian community

With organised armed groups, such as Boko Haram, driving an increase in conflict activity, especially around Borno state, UNOCHA estimates as many as 2.2 million people have become internally displaced and in need of humanitarian assistance. 

INSO services to NGOs will focus on the North Eastern region of the country, with a presence in Maiduguri anticipated early 2016.

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