New Platforms
INSO has the capacity to start at least two new countries per year, including both short term emergency response operations, longer running platforms in chronic and forgotten crises.

As a community service, each platform is started at the specific written request of the NGOs operating in that country who come together to provide INSO with a Letter of Invitation (LOI).

This letter explains the background to the context, lays out the need for the safety platform and commits its signatories to act as the first members of the INSO Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board will work closely with INSO to define the Scope of Services of the platform - customising services to the local context - and then remain intact throughout its lifetime to monitor performance and evaluate the ongoing relevance of the platform.

The full regulations of the Advisory Board can be seen here.

How to start up a new platform

If you see the need for an INSO platform in the country you are currently assigned to then please get in touch with us.

We are able to initiate a response at the request of:
A group of NGOs operational on the ground (6-12)
A recognised in-country NGO coordination forum
A recognised global NGO co-ordination forum (Interaction, EISF, ICVA etc)
Following the request, normally within 30 days, INSO will deploy a Scoping Mission to the country to meet with the NGOs, UN, donors and other relevant stakeholders to discus in more detail the needs of the community and assess the feasibility of the response.

All INSO platforms are 100% free of charge and donations/cost recovery will not be requested from NGOs.

To uphold humanitarian principles, INSO operates an NGO only platform model and will not respond to requests from other types of organisations or include them in any of our services.