A career with INSO provides a unique opportunity to work for a fast-growing organisation at the forefront of the NGO safety coordination sector.

INSO is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability or national origin.

Working for INSO

We aim to attract experienced, well qualified and highly motivated individuals who will enjoy and contribute to the unique 'esprit de corps' that characterises our small but highly effective platforms.

Each vacant position has its own specific requirements which you will find in the accompanying job description. Desirable qualifications include:  an employment history that reflects experience in both safety/security and humanitarian fields; demonstrable understanding of humanitarian safety practices & principles and their application; analytical skills; experience in staff capacity development and training; a strong command of English and other languages (French, Arabic, etc.) and a mature and diplomatic personality.

If you are looking for challenging and rewarding work in a great team and at the cutting edge of the safety coordination sector, then we look forward to hearing from you.


 INSO is currently recruiting for the following position(s). For detailed information and application procedure, please click the link(s) below:


Safety Advisor- North 

-based in Mazar, Afghanistan

Democratic Republic of Congo

Safety Advisor- Mobile

-based in Goma with travel in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo


Finance Manager- Syria
 -based in the Syria support office in Amman, Jordan

Lake Chad Basin

Safety Advisor- Cameroon 

-based in Maroua, Cameroon (French & English fluency required)

United Arab Emirates

Internal Auditor

-based in the Operational Support Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (French & English fluency required)

Staff testimonials

"I came to know INSO when I was previously based in Afghanistan and was working with a different NGO. Not only were the reports and analyses we received of great help in organizing our operations in the field; INSO also kindled my interest in security management and issues relevant for NGOs that are operating in insecure environments.

Being currently in charge of one of INSO’s offices in Afghanistan, I can wholeheartedly say that INSO is not only providing me the opportunity to work and develop expertise in security management, but also in many more different fields. During my five months here, I have not only been involved in NGO security, but I also have to manage a team, have been involved in administrative issues and in the recruitment of new staff, to name just a few. I never expected to have become well-versed in generator issues! What I enjoy most is that each day has its own challenges and in that sense I could not describe a typical day that would capture my experience working with INSO. Luckily we are a small but great team, and I can always contact my colleagues in case I’m in need of support.

Being here in Afghanistan with INSO, I really feel I’m constantly learning and expanding my set of skills and for that reason I’m really looking forward what the next seven months will offer!"

- M. Konert - Safety Advisor - Afghanistan

"Working as an RSA with INSO Afghanistan has been an extremely challenging, yet a rewarding experience. I’ve previously worked in insecure environments for NGOs, and have lost a number of colleagues as a result, so being able to deliver meaningful products to humanitarians—who often risk their safety, for others—to help safeguard their personnel and programming has been by far the most satisfying part of the job; and the driving force behind my personal/professional motivation to work with INSO.

Professionally, we work with a small multi-cultural and diverse team, with a high output; we are always on call and expected to be up-to-date with the latest trends and issues concerning humanitarians, which is challenging at the best of times in conflict zone. On a personal level, working with INSO has given me a broad overview on aid delivery, issues NGOs face in the field, country/regional/district level dynamics, that I wouldn’t have been exposed too if I worked for the benefit of one organisation.

I would recommend a career with INSO to anyone who enjoys working in a highly dynamic and fast paced environment, and for anyone who enjoys institutional support for professional and personal growth."

- Arunn Jegan - Safety Advisor - Afghanistan