call for applications to join the Board of Trustees
Are you committed to helping those who help others?

We are expanding our Board of Trustees and looking for people to volunteer their skills and experience for the cause of humanitarian safety.

Part 1: About Us and the Role

The International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) is an international NGO based in The Hague.

We are the safety coordinating body for NGOs operating in high risk countries and our mission is to support the safety of humanitarian aid workers who risk their own lives in the service of others.

With offices across 14 conflict-affected countries, we provide daily support to more than 1,000 local and international non-profits including real-time analysis and alerts, coordination and training and crisis assistance.

Our services support their risk management responsibilities and help NGOs to strengthen their operational practice, improve their humanitarian access and ultimately to save lives.

With our recent move to The Hague, we are now seeking experienced, high level individuals to join our Board of Trustees.

Trustees lead the organisation and are responsible for setting and monitoring strategy, mentoring and advising the Executive and ensuring good governance.

The positions sit at the forefront of global practice and offer an exciting opportunity to:

i. Directly support the NGO community in the safe delivery of aid in volatile contexts.
ii. Shape the development of a leading international NGO and global resource.
iii. Influence the ongoing reform of the humanitarian safety coordination system.
iv. Inform and influence global debate, policy and practise on humanitarian safety.
v. Lead exciting innovations across technology, information and analysis.

The Trustees will apply their skills and experience at the highest level to lead INSO into the next decade as we strive to save lives and improve access.

Part 2: About You

Trustees come from all walks of life, but will share common personal attributes such as:
* A commitment to serve in the public interest and in pursuit of the ‘greater good’.
* Personal integrity, maturity and emotional intelligence.
* A deep personal belief in ‘the mission’ and commitment to its success.
* Being highly accomplished in their field of work and able to mentor others in such.
* The ability to work as a team and compromise where necessary.
* The ability to analyse risks and opportunities and take a balanced approach to both.
* The ability to translate strategic concepts into practical recommendations.
* The ability to prioritise limited resources between competing demands.
* Being an excellent communicator and diplomatic representative.
* Having a wide and active professional network.

Part 3: Specific Profiles

This is an open call, so if our mission resonates with you send us your application and we will be happy to review it. However, the following are the profiles we are specifically interested in. If you have one or more of these, then please do get in touch:

A. Executive Leadership & Management – with a background in top level organisational leadership, ideally in a non-profit, either as a CEO, Executive Director or organisational development specialist to lead and advise on general management, strategy development and change management. Also serves as expert advisor/mentor to CEO and will be asked to serve as Board Chairperson.  

B. Human Resources – with a background as either an executive level HR specialist or employment lawyer (Dutch or International) to lead on HR matters and serve as expert advisor to the CEO and Executive branches.

C. Financial Management & Audit – with a broad background in executive level non-profit financial management, either as CFO, Auditor or regulator to support policy development, strategy and decision making, fiduciary responsibility and compliance. Also serves as expert advisor and mentor to CEO and Director of Finance.  

D. Marketing & Communications – with experience of developing and delivering organisational level strategies and campaigns to help INSO build its ‘brand’ and raise awareness of its activity and impact.  

E. Legal and Compliance – with a broad background in charity law and compliance, (International or Dutch) through both donor and state regulator perspectives, either as a lawyer, compliance specialist or regulator to lead on legal and compliance matters.

F. Fundraising – with experience in traditional and non-traditional fundraising strategies, donor profiles, application procedures and networking strategies to help structure and guide INSO’s fundraising efforts.

G. Board Secretary – with experience in a company or non-profit statutory secretary role to manage the business of the Board (agenda, meetings, minutes and decisions), protect the assets and ensure compliance with statutory (Dutch) and internal regulation obligations.

We are also keen on hearing from people who are well networked across the European and US donor and diplomatic communities (ECHO, MINBUZA, USAID, DFID, SDC, NMFA, GMFA, SIDA etc) and the United Nations family to help represent, inform, and influence amongst these key stakeholders.

Part 4: Key Responsibilities

Trustees hold a fiduciary responsibility towards everything INSO does and are broadly expected to protect and advance INSO’s mission while fulfilling good governance and risk management obligations. Some specific obligations include (but are not limited to):

i. Accepting ultimate responsibility for everything INSO does.
ii. Acting reasonably and prudently in all matters related to INSO.
iii. Safeguarding and protecting the assets of the INSO, including its reputation.
iv. Acting and making decisions in the best interests of INSO at all times.
v. Avoiding any conflict between their personal interests and those of INSO.

In practice this means consideration and decision-making on a wide variety of topics including:

a) Self-Administration – Trustees have a responsibility towards managing themselves effectively to ensure both legal compliance, a lack of conflicts and to sustain a relevant profile towards the needs of INSO. They are expected to be actively committed to the role (not missing meetings) and towards advancing INSOs interests.

b) Strategy and Activity Oversight – Trustees set the strategy and objectives and ensure that the activities of INSO are consistent with them and remain valid as the context changes. They ensure that the Executive branch is taking the right actions at the right time to achieve the objectives. Trustees ‘scan the horizon’ in their field and generally to spot and mitigate emerging threats before they arise.

c) Financial Oversight – Trustees monitor and control the financial situation including income, spending, controls, fund raising, investments etc. The Trustees ensure the charity is acting within the law and its powers and is making the best use of the resources available to achieve the objective. The Trustees ensure that INSO remains a ‘going concern’ for the future.

d) Risk Management & Safeguarding – Trustees make comprehensive reviews of the organisational risk – physical, legal, financial, reputational etc. – and the measures taken to mitigate and address them. The Trustees monitor the change in risk over time as well as their own capacity to perceive it.

INSO will support all new Trustees with a full orientation into responsibilities and obligations.

Part 5: Qualifications and Time Commitments

Qualifications: Trustees serve at the highest level of the organisation and will hold advanced degrees (MSc or higher), relevant professional qualifications and certifications, at least 10 years professional experience and will have already obtained high levels of accomplishment within their field of work (CEO, Director, Departmental Head, Partner etc). Trustees are experienced masters of their vocation ready to give back to society through volunteering.  

Time Commitment: For 2020, the estimated time requirement is not more than five (5) working days per year:
* One face to face Annual General Meeting in the Hague (or other international location) per year. The meeting is usually two full days and is organised ahead of a 4 days Senior Staff Conference that Trustees may choose to attend afterwards or not. All costs are covered.
* Up to three remote Regular Board Meetings per year conducted online (Skype). Meetings are usually 3-4 hours each.
* Participation in Extraordinary Board Meetings as required (usually not more than two per year). Meetings are 1-2 hrs. depending on topic.
* Occasional review of resolutions and voting over email. Usually not more than twice per year). Up to 1hr each time.
* Occasional chat, informal decision making or support to CEO over WhatsApp group as required. Few minutes each time to read and respond.
Meetings are organised to present minimal disruption to Trustees other obligations, but some flexibility is appreciated.
Trustees are asked to commit for at least one three-year term which is renewable once by mutual agreement. Voluntary retirement is possible at any time throughout.

Part 6: Terms & Conditions

Trustees are unpaid volunteers who serve in the public interest so there is no salary or allowance but costs for attending meetings (flights, transport, accommodation etc) and disposing of functions costs (courier, copying etc) will be covered.

Trusteeship is governed by law and while most people in good standing will be eligible, some people will not be eligible including but not limited to people who:

* Have unspent convictions across some classes of offences
* Have been disbarred from serving, or removed, as a trustee or director previously
* Have debt relief or bankruptcy orders
* Are designated persons for the purpose of anti-terrorism legislations
* Are registered sex offenders
* Are otherwise disqualified from serving

Eligibility will be determined as part of the selection process and potential candidates will be required to provide a formal Declaration of Eligibility.

Part 7: How do I express my interest?

If you are motivated by INSO’s mission, then please send your CV and a motivational letter to the Board Secretary setting out your experience, skills, motivation and why you think you might make a good fit for the INSO Board of Trustees.
We are looking for up to three (3) new Trustees, and the application window will remain open until we identify them all, but please do submit early if you are interested.
While we greatly appreciate every submission, we will unfortunately only be able to respond to those we shortlist for further discussion. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview with some of the existing Trustees and the Executive Director.  
We look forward to hearing from you on: