Principles Statement

The Accountable Humanitarian Professional

A statement on the principles and characteristics defining the organisation and people of the International NGO Safety Organisation.


We are committed to the principle of ACCOUNTABILITY that we manifest through; the relevance and focus of our mission that prevents us from overreaching and provides a clear purpose and objective both internally and externally; the credibility of our direct field presence which allows us to live and work alongside our peers in difficult contexts to give practical, verified and accurate advice; and the responsiveness of our engagement with NGO partners which allows us to be there for them when they need us most and build strong relationships based on performance and trust.



We adhere to fundamental HUMANITARIAN PRINCIPLES that we manifest through; the independence of our safety platforms which resist being tools of political or private interest; the neutrality and impartiality of our services which actively avoid bias, preference or prejudice in our team composition, language, and presentation of analysis or data; the needs-driven basis of our responses which are initiated at the written request of those who will most directly benefit from them; and through strengthening humanitarian cooperation with a culture of sharing and safety.



We demonstrate PROFESSIONALISM in all our undertakings and manifest this through; pioneering developments in humanitarian safety with innovative concepts, structures and services that drive both local and global practices forward; the commitment, capability and experience of our staff that ensures performance and expertise in everything we do; and the coherence and strength of our operating systems & standards which ensure accuracy, consistency and reliability in all our products and services.