The Accountable Humanitarian Professional
We are pleased to present our new Statement of Organisational Principles that will replace the Mandate section of our current Vision, Mission Mandate statement.

The Principles Statement resulted from a wide and participatory process across all eleven INSO country offices and both regional, roving and head office staff.

"It is not only the principles themselves that are important" said founder & Executive Director Nic Lee "but also the way in which they were created. Coming together to articulate a shared set of principles to define the organisation, and in many ways ourselves, was a very positive and motivating experience."

The Principles can be summarised in the concept of the Accountable Humanitarian Professional which aptly describes INSO's aspirations for itself and its team members and sets a clear vision for the future of the organisation.

The statement goes further than simply articulating a few buzzwords however and instead sets out some of the more concrete means by which INSO brings these Principles to life such as maintaining a clear and undiluted mandate, resisting the politicisation of the conflict 'narrative' and remaining responsive to the needs of our partners.

"These guiding principles will ensure that INSO as an institution remains cohesive in its humanitarian mission not only on paper but will drive each member of staff and our activities" noted Arunn Jegan Director of INSO Syria "It is this inclusive and strategic vision that gives our partners the confidence in INSO's values". 

In a recent worldwide members survey, 79% of NGOs rated INSO's commitment to humanitarian principles as Very Strong/Strong.

In order to mainstream their application, the Principles will be incorporated in to hard elements of the organisation such as staff Term of Reference (TOR) and performance monitoring records as well as internal Service Delivery Standards (SDS) which govern the structure and content of all INSO services.

INSO continues to operate across eleven high-risk countries providing vital support services to more than 650 registered NGO partners. 




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