New partnership figures released
Following the October review of our global registration data, INSO now counts 625 separate NGO partners worldwide.

Approximately 74% (461) are international NGOs - which include all major humanitarian response organisations - and 26% (164) national NGO including the main local organisations in each country. 

Afghanistan remains the largest with 243 partners followed by Kenya (174), Somalia (162), Mali (96), Syria (89), Iraq (83), DRC (82), CAR (48) and Ukraine (15).*

An additional 65 NGO have registered their headquarters through INSO World Alert service. 

The number of individual aid workers supported through this network is unknown, but estimates would range between 80,000 to 100,000. 

Looking ahead, INSO will continue its efforts to improve participation of national NGOs through special services oriented towards their needs such as local language reports and targeted training programmes

We will also be introducing a new secure online registration portal where members will be able to manage their subscriptions themselves without needing to contact INSO**

We take the opportunity to thank all our partners for their ongoing support and confidence and reassure you that we will continue to make every effort to provide the high quality of services you have come to expect.

* Duplicates (where the same NGO is registered in multiple countries) have been removed in the total count of 625. Figures for Palestine are not yet available.
** Information will still be reviewed and moderated by an INSO registration officer 



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